Silversmithing - Make a Sterling Silver Bangle

Silversmithing Workshop - Make Sterling Silver Bangle*

Join us in a relaxed and friendly workshop where you shall learn to size, shape, form, hammer, and solder a sterling silver bangle, made entirely using traditional silversmithing skills. We will equip you with the tools and guidance needed to complete your jewellery with your own two hands.

You will use various hammers and techniques to add different finishes to your bangle such as, matte finish, antiqued, glittering, pebbled, or a plain high polish. You will also have the option to add a sterling silver and/or gemstone charm to your bangle. We’ll have a selection of fine semi-precious gemstones available on the day for you to chose from. This is included in the cost also.

The workshop will last approximately 3 hours, however it all depends on the pace you work at. We’ll provide light refreshments so feel free to stick around and chat to us, we’re certain you’ll have plenty of questions to ask once you have completed your one-of-a-kind bangle.

Things to note: We’ll provide all the things you’ll need to make your bangle including tools and silver. Please bring along glasses if you need them. Please wear appropriate clothing such as jeans, t-shirt, trousers, jumpers etc. If you have long hair please wear it up.

£85pp Ticket includes Silver and Charms

See HERE for more details and to Book. Or to make an enquiry please email

(* Please note that this workshop is managed and run by Brittany at Noctua all contact should be made directly)

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