Kids Craft Club (Term time Saturdays)



Kids Craft Club is a craft and sewing club for kids age 8-14yrs. Build their creative confidence through Craft.

  • Morning sessions 10-12pm for kids aged 8-12yrs involve hand sewing and basic craft skills.
  • Afternoon Sessions 1-3pm for kids age 11-14yrs with optional use of sewing machines when applicable.

The project will vary month to month so your child will be able to look forward to a 'Mystery Make' crafty project. All materials and tools provided on the day.

Each month will try to introduce the children to a craft skill that they may not have tried before and to show them a broad range of techniques to encourage them to explore their favourite crafts at home. 

Parents/Guardians you will need to provide emergency contact information, remain in the Ramsbottom area, and will need to return at least 5 mins before the session ends to be ready to collect your child.

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