Kids - Learn to Sew MORE (Holidays)



Kids Learn to Sew MORE workshop

This is a follow on workshop see Kids Learn to Sew MORE (Holidays) for a beginners class. Book Both parts together using code KIDS at checkout to get £10off

On this workshop your kids will further their sewing machine skills by experimenting with different stitches and sewing techniques to produce a stitch sampler mini cushion.

Suggested age range: 8-15yrs

All materials included + use of Janome machines at Stitch studio.

Parents/Guardians can stay in the building during the session, however we would prefer if you can leave so that the children can concentrate. You will need to provide emergency contact information, remain in the Ramsbottom area, and will need to return at least 5 mins before the session ends to be ready to collect your child.

Booking 2 places use code DOUBLETROUBLE to get £10 OFF

We also have a monthly weekend Kids Craft Club where children can come along and practice their sewing and craft skills.

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