Creative Vision/Mood Board workshop

Join Trisha Barker on this fun and interactive workshop creating your own vision/mood boards.

Perhaps you have something you want to achieve - a creative project that you want to bring to life or starting a new hobby and you need inspiration.

You may be looking for a new direction in your life or career, or heading into a new season of your life and need some inspiration and motivation.

This is a positive and inspiring workshop that is designed to give you some space and time to use creativity to help you create a visualise representation of what you want to bring into your life.

This 3hr workshop will include:

  • Creating a vision/mood board to captured your goals, desires and dreams so you can look at it every day and focus on what you want to create in the future (it can include career, work, craft projects, travel, relationships, lifestyle and health)

  • A 15 minute coaching session which will help you focus on the first steps you need to take in making your dreams a reality

  • Meet new people and get some inspiration

  • Opportunity to use your creative skills

Click HERE to enquire about for coming dates or to book

Tickets £40 (which includes all tools, stationery and materials, including picture frame for your vision/mood board AND cake and refreshments)

* Please note there are only 6 spaces available on this workshop, so book early to grab your spot.


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